ORSA package

With the ORSA package you will gain extensive support for internal processes as well as documentation for the board and authorities. We provide templates for the ORSA report, and combined with the software, you will have obtained all relevant qualitative input, including the risk profile for your company.

The risk identification process contains four primary stages:

  1. Identification of risks
  2. Risk assessments
  3. Categorisation of risks
  4. Handling and control

You can delegate responsibility to the risk owners in your company and get their valuable input to the overall assessment of the company risk profile. The chief risk officer (CRO) manages the risks and makes the final assessment. The software ensures that the CRO duties can be performed with elevated privileges while assessments are delegated.

Based on the current risk register the CRO can also aggregate risks to obtain a self-assessment of the total risk. For ORSA purposes the CRO can compare the aggregated total risk to the company's SCR and hereby validate whether the SCR properly reflects the risk profile of the company.

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ORSA package demo
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