SCR package

The SCR package is for clients that want to get an updated model for SCR calculations. The process of calculating the SCR can be done straight forward in 3 simple steps:

  1. Extract data from your internal sources or your data warehouse.
  2. Transform data into an Excel spreadsheet or another data medium of your choice.
  3. Load the data into the SolvencyTool engine and perform the calculation.

Data can also be loaded directly without using Excel, although many of our users find Excel to be an easy way to get up and running quickly. We also assist clients in designing mini data warehouses for storing relevant, historical SCR calculations. We provide advisory expertise based on practical experience from working with actuarial calculation data, as well as on our extensive Solvency II knowledge.

Full audit trail and automatic formula updates

The software ensures a full audit trail of input data as well as for calculations. You can easily track who saved the information and when it was done. Use our Excel add-in to collect all the underlying data for your year-end SCR calculation in less than a minute. You may for example hand over the collected data to auditors or financial authorities as documentation.

We update all formulas according to the development in the legislation - no need to worry about this going forward.

If you are curious for an appetizer, please watch the video to see how smoothly you can run your SCR calculations.

SCR package demo
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