Reporting package

Reporting to the financial authorities is an extensive exercise under the Solvency II regime. We provide a user-friendly solution that will get you quickly up and running with the reporting. The reporting package is used together with the SCR package because calculations are a central part of the reporting data. We provide a full audit trail to ensure transparency and SCR calculations are automatically linked to the quantitative reporting templates (QRTs).

The reporting proces can be described in the following stages:

  1. Collect relevant data from your internal sources, e.g. data warehouse or financial systems.
  2. Send the data to SolvencyTool using automated data integration or Excel.
  3. Perform the SCR calculations.
  4. Obtain QRTs for SCR and MCR automatically.
  5. Update information for assets, liabilities, own funds etc.
  6. Check for inconsistencies.
  7. Report to the authorities.

If you are curious to learn more, please watch the video below or contact us at for a demo.

Reporting package demo
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